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---> My Photography 6 <---

Hye guyz.... da lme btul x update my blog. agak buzy ckit ble nk dkat final exam ni. so, nk update blog pun xsempat. so, bnde yg baru pun xpost kn. hehe :D so, kli ni aku post still about my photography. But in POTRAIT which is HIJAB STYLE. aku ske shoot this time coz mmg best. len dari yg len aku shoot sblum2 ni. so guyz this is it. have take a lot. if u guyz bminat, just add my fb AZIE GRAPHY or send je through my email IEYRA_91@YAHOO.COM.

so, utk hijab wat mse ni, yg ni jela. ade lg gmba yg len aku shoot. akan di upload later. :) klu korg bminat jgn lpe add me kt facebook yer or just send to my email :)


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