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---> My Photography 5 <---

Hello guyz...;) actually, i'm gonna upload about my photography. In Black & White. Before this pun ade jgk kn aku upload psl photography ni. but, this one len skit coz byk CANDID, LIFESTYLE, CLASSIC & RANDOM. btw, aku jgk de wat part time photo. so, if u guyz nk photoshoot ke utk portfolio sndri or something else, korg leh msj aku kt fb (AZIE GRAPHY) or email je dkat my email IEYRA_91@YAHOO.COM. so, have take a look. :D

so, ini sjela yg bru aku upload. update yg baru, aku upload len k. so, just wait n see. if ade papehal just cntct me ok. do leave ur cmmnt please.. ;) thank you..

Sweetie Love

2 February 2011

i'm really MISS him!!!! mcm biasela kn mmg da adat owg bcinte akn miss each other. ;) sumpah, da lme xjmpe die akhirnya dpt jgk jmpe. Sumenyer sbb kes study kt PERAK.Mmg jauhla kn cite die skng ni. =,='.Da la line kt Uitm tu wat hal. Mmg Pffftttt btul! Ssh btu nk cntct time tu. Hmm..btw, mcm byk je kn aku mrepek.. hehe :D Time ni aku jmpe die at Ou, Damansara. Lpas rindu ble da jmpe ngan die. :p Hope kteowg ni kkal smpi ble2..;) -Love Him Always-

We've been together since 8 July 2005 ;)


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