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---> Photo Manipulation <---

hye guyz! ari ni just nk story about my artwork ;) before this about dancing rite ? ape yg aku wat mse cuti sem. hehe. so, today it's not about what am i doing, or whatever else but more to my PHOTOGRAPHY artwork :) Have u heard about PHOTO MANIPULATION ? well, photo manipulation ni lbih kpade photo asl yg di edit background, cut & paste with other picture & mcm2 lg la. aku ni mmg ske sngt all about photography :) xkshla konsep cmner pun, yg pnting aku mmg nk STUDY psl photo ni. :) So, today aku upload 3 gmba sje. Ni pun still kne study lg.

She's my classmate at UITM :) Time ni sjer2 nk editing but i luv it~

She's one of my bestie. Putry. I made it for her. :)

He's one of my Ex-school classmate. Anwar :)

guyz, ni jela gmba yg ade wat mse ni. after this, ade byk lg. aku pun xbrape mhir lg dlm bab2 editing ni. byk lg yg kne study so that i can improve my photography & editing skills. just wait & see okey ;) Do follow me & leave ur cmmnt ok :D


  1. ni mmg stylo gle..ko da leh promote artwork ko kat mne2 company ni! sylo! keep it up yo!

  2. hahaha. thanx beb. ni pun aku still study lg psl bnde2 ni sume. byk lg yg aku kne blaja. huhu. insyaallah klu rezeki aku murah, aku akn try cri kje kt bhgian media or studio mne2 ke. :D

  3. good luck with that! ko juz kne standby portfolio ngn CV gmpak2, mzti dapat punya lah! hohoho!

  4. haha. insyaallah. klu aku xtau pape, aku leh tnyer ko kn. ko kn lg terer dri aku. ;)

  5. jenjalan sini and follow you. cantek lah !



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