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---> My Photography <---

hey guys! this time aku update just full of pictures. Sume gmba2 ni adalah dari lensa aku sendiri. yeah! NIKON D3000. Really love it! btw, stghnye kjer asngmnt photo aku & de yg len just for my hobby. But, i hope 1 day i will be a great photographer. :D

---> Potrait, Flora & HDR Photos

Potrait Photos
Talent : Puteri Zulaikha

Talent : Syifa

Talent : Puteri Zulaikha, Syifa & Anwar

Talent : Anwar

Sume gamba potrait ni actually ade lg. but, wat mse ni aku upload yg ni jela. Gamba yg len aku upload kmudian. I'm still learning about photographer. so, if gmba2 ni ade yg terxposure ckit, sorry ye.. all this picture is originality taken by me. It is from my camera Nikon D3000. :)

P/S : Another potrait picture, Flora And HDR Photos, i will upload it later.

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