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Holiday Hangout ;D

Salam... hurm.. da lme btul aku xupdate blog aku ni. haish~~ buzy kot ngan study. ngee~~ anyway, sory la if aku xcite bout kampus aku. mls ler. mcm2 mslah ade. Now, tgh cti sem. Sem dpn i'm in Part 4. Skjap btul rsenyer. xsbr lak nk abis study. Cti ni wat ape yer ?? Smestinyer hangout! wajib kot. hehe.. We watching a movie with my beloved cousin and my special boyfie.

Movie time ! (harry potter and the deathly hallows)

yeah! i love harry potter! since 1st harry potter (philosopher stone) until now. xpnh miss pun movie ni. ngee~~ xsbr nk tnggu utk part 2 pnyer. I'm really enjoyed it! after watched this movie, we going to play bowling. Seronok sngt beb! Even though kteowg kuar 5 org jer, but still happening. Kteowg hangout ni just kat Ou Damansara jer. xdela jauh sngt kn.. hehe..;D

yeah!! we have a great time together ;)

aku enjoy sngt ngan dorg. ble la leh kuar lg? hahaha... nmpk gayanyer tnggu cuti sem dpn la plak kan. huhu. mmg lbam la nk tnggu. anyway guys, HAPPY HOLIDAYS.....!!!

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